About Us

About Us

Wirral Advanced Motorists was formed in 1980. A Registered Charity run entirely by unpaid volunteers, our main function is to improve driving standards and to advance the cause of Road Safety.

We have built up a close liaison with the Police and Road Safety Officers to help achieve this.

Affiliated to IAM RoadSmart (formerly The Institute of Advanced Motorists), also a Registered Charity, we are completely self-funding. A free electronic Newsletter is issued to our Members six times a year. You can access it here.

We hold social evening events on the last Tuesday of every other month (please see our Events page) to which we invite interesting speakers. Non-members are welcome.

Our Group (IAM RoadSmart group 5015) works hard to inform local people of the advantages to be gained by becoming an Advanced Motorist. During the summer months we arrange open days throughout Wirral so that members of the public can come and ask questions about us and see what advanced driving is all about.

Our Officers 

Chair: Guy Lightfoot

Membership Secretary: Tony Stopforth    

Other members of the team

    Vice Chair: Amanda Williams   

    Secretary: Jo Bolland

    Treasurer: Yvonne Charlett

    Chief Observer: Simon Richards

    Membership secretary: Tony Stopforth

    Associate Coordinator: Liz Scarff

    Area Associate Organiser: Tony Stopforth

    Newsletter Editor: Amanda Williams

Other committee members: Dy Brown, Sheila Rose

It is with enormous sadness we announce the death of our former President Norman Jarvis MBE, JP. Norman was a founder member of the Wirral IAM Group in 1980 and he worked tirelessly for us since then, with humour, generosity and wisdom.

He was a National Observer and a Fellow of IAM RoadSmart.

Norman will be missed by all who knew him.